Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why use Akro-Mils products for your storage and organizational needs?

A. Akro-Mils is an industry-leading manufacturer of plastic and metal storage, organization, transport and material handling products for use in any environment. Akro-Mils products are manufactured under rigorous quality standards and are tested to ensure they continuously meet your performance needs. Our broad range of products are used to shorten assembly times, maintain accurate inventories, optimize storage space and protect your valuable supplies and parts. Our customer service is best in class and we strive to produce innovative products that solve your storage needs and provide value to your business.

Q. Are Akro-Mils products made in the USA?

A. The vast majority of our products are manufactured in the United States; most of which are made in Ohio.

Q. Why does Akro-Mils sell through distributors and catalog companies and not directly to end users?

A. In order to provide the best service to our end users, Akro-Mils has chosen to use a network of material handling distributors whose salespeople have been trained in the proper applications for our products. This provides us the best coverage model enabling us to reach the most customers. We value and support our distribution network and the professional assistance they provide to end users.

Q. How do I know which product is right for me?

A. Our website allows you to search for and filter products based on a wide range of criteria, from dimensions and weight capacities, to material and attributes. Our knowledgeable sales force and customer service team are also ready to help you select the appropriate product for your application. We have several guides available to assist you in choosing the right product. The Storage System Selection Guide, the Platform Truck Selection Guide, and the Plastic Container Selection Guide

Q. Can I order a special color or a custom size?

A. Yes, you can order a variety of custom products and special colors from Akro-Mils. Custom orders may require minimum quantities, order total, or set-up fees.

Q. Why are Akro-Mils products sold in carton quantities?

A. Akro-Mils products are sold in carton quantities to match the most common purchase quantities and ensure that the products are protected during shipment. Shipping in a standard quantity allows for faster shipping to our customers.

Q. I have an Akro-Mils product but why can’t I find it online or in the catalog?

A. Akro-Mils is constantly innovating and improving our product line. This means from time to time some products are discontinued to make room for new or improved products. Akro-Mils also offers custom products, OEM and private label products. These products are not typically published on our website or catalog. Contact a customer service representative to find out if your product is still available or what alternative products might exist.