Customer Photo Gallery

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Shelf Bins organize and display hardware for sale in this industrial supply store.
Plastic Storage Cabinets keep this workspace neat and organized.
This Akro-Cart replaced hard to move 55-gal drums for storing and transporting golf balls from the driving range.
Red Shelf Bins on steel shelving hold plumbing and electrical supplies in this storeroom.
KeepBoxes safely store bags of finished product in this gourmet popcorn retail / manufacturing location.
Shelf bins on wire shelving are used to organize and display merchandise at this restaurant supply store.
Our 30778 Economy Bins in a storm response trailer secured behind roll-up doors. There are 160 bins total.
Blue Super-Size AkroBins on shelving organize heavy fasteners.
AkroBins are used to color-code a selection of wheel weights at this auto repair service.
Yellow AkroBins inside a 24" deep bin cabinet.
A former “junk room” transformed into organized storage with the help of Black/Red Indicator Bins.
Shelf Bins replaced cardboard boxes and give a neat appearance to this storage area.
AkroBins on louvered panels in this hospital maintenance supply room.
Shelf Bins and AkroBins share space on this medical cart.
Cardboard boxes were switched for stacking Super-Size AkroBins in this warehouse.
Shelf Bins and AkroBins organize supplies in this hospital store room.
Fasteners and hardware stay organized with these yellow AkroBins.
Straight Wall Containers are used for storage and transportation in this manufacturing facility.
AkroBins keep these machine parts organized.
19109 Steel Cabinets hang from a double-sided mobile louvered rack.
The end user switched from wooden bins to Super-Size AkroBins on this rack.
Fitting this louvered panel with AkroBins into this narrow space keeps hospital supplies in view, off the floor.
AkroBins stack on this mobile cart, keeping these hospital supplies organized.
Akro-Grid Containers are used to transport items to the shipping area of this wine shipping facility.
This maintenance shop keeps parts and tools organized with red AkroBins on louvered wall panels.
Louvered wall panels with beige and green AkroBins keep these hospital supplies in view and easy to locate.
The addition of Indicator Bins give a neat appearance to this hospital maintenance supply room.
AkroBins on a mobile louvered rack keep hardware sorted and easy to find.
Replacement parts are organized and visible using AkroBins on this louvered panel.
Akro-Grid Containers are used to deliver items to the shipping area of this wine shipping facility.
Indicator Bins on mobile pick racks keep supplies close to where they are needed.
Stacks of Super-Size AkroBins hold heavy fasteners and bulky items.
Stacked AkroBins keep the desk organized in this medical lab.
This mobile cart holds stacks of AkroBins filled with medical supplies.
At this medical pharmacy, red AkroBins hold and organize bags of IV fluids.
Refrigerators are filled with deep Shelf Bins holding vaccines and other medications.
Super-Size AkroBins and Shelf Bins on shelving are tucked into this hallway on a patient floor of a hospital.
These wire spools are neatly organized on wire shelving units.
Multiple sizes and colors of AkroBins are utilized in this steel bin cabinet.
Blue AkroBins are stacked on this wire shelving unit, keeping supplies visible and organized.
Akro-Grid containers with cardboard dunnage on wire shelving.
Clear AkroBins on louvered panels help organize supplies for this hospital dialysis unit.
Plumbing supplies in a steel storage cabinet filled with yellow AkroBins.
Attached Lid Containers transfer parts around in this manufacturing facility.
Indicator Bins fixed a messy hospital maintenance supply room. Supplies are now
easy to locate.
AkroBins keep small parts organized, visible and off the desk.
This wall of TiltView Bins easily holds hundreds of small parts.
A wall full of louvered panels with blue AkroBins organize medical supplies.
A Louvered Rack with AkroBins make a handy “In-Box” for shift employees.
AkroBins keep these gas valves and fittings organized in this university maintenance room.
This Super-Size AkroBin Cart assists in order-picking at this warehouse.
Shelf Carts make it easy to transport packages throughout the warehouse.
30230 Clear AkroBins clearly help to organize this medical facility’s patient room cupboard.
This yellow Shelf Bin assists in resupplying the pre-op room at the hospital.
Multi-colored AkroBins and a Louvered Bench Rack organize supplies on this workbench.
This Dual-Sided Picking/Stocking Cart organizes safety equipment for warehouse volunteers.
ProCarts work well for order picking in distribution centers.
A louvered bench rack filled with AkroBins helps to organize supplies in this craft store's framing shop.
This Super-Size AkroBin is hanging out at the gym, organizing the weight lifting accessories.
This hospital is having success using clear AkroBins in a 2-bin Kanban system on wire shelving.
Our 44-drawer Plastic Cabinet is organizing the hanger size markers in this clothing store.
This ProCart loaded with green AkroBins holds sale placards at this sporting goods store.
Clear Shelf Bins and AkroBins organize and display supplies in this hospital supply room.
InSight Bins with lids are a good looking storage solution for this patient room.
Cross-Stack Akro-Tubs holding ground meat at an organic free-range farm and butcher.