Retailer of Home Brewing and Wine Making Supplies Finds Storage Success with Akro-Mils Bins

The Grape and Granary Replaces Messy Cardboard Boxes with Shelf Bins and Stak-N-Store Bins

The Grape and Granary — an Akron, Ohio, store that sells supplies, kits and ingredients for home brewing and wine making — has made good use of Akro-Mils’ industry-leading storage solutions including Shelf Bins and Stak-N-Store Bins. The retailer also uses the Ako-Mils ProCart™ for storage and material handling.

The Grape and Granary sells a wide variety of home brewing and wine making supplies as well as products for distillation, cheese making and coffee bean roasting. Akro-Mils storage bins store hops, barleys, corks and other supplies.

The Grape and the Granary, a retailer of home brweing and wine making supplies,
replaced messy cardboard boxes with Akro-Mils shelf bins and Stak-N-Store bins

Grape and Granary employee Traci Pastor says Akro-Mils’ plastic storage bins have been a tremendous improvement over the store’s previous method for storing its home brewing supplies – cardboard boxes. “The cardboard boxes were broken down, and it was hard to see what items were in the boxes,” Traci says. “The Akro-Mils storage bins are durable, easy to clean, and our customers can easily tell what is in each bin.

“We absolutely will buy more Akro-Mils products in the future,” she adds.