Joy Mining Uses AkroBins Storage Bins and Louvered Panels to Improve Supply Room

Clutter Made it Difficult for Employees of Mining Machinery Manufacturer to Find Supplies, Determine Replenishment Needs

Joy Mining – a global leader in the development, manufacture, distribution and service of underground mining machinery for the extraction of coal and other materials – decided during a recent 6S initiative to address their supply room concerns.

Although storage bins and organization products from Akro-Mils are used throughout Joy Mining Machinery’s Bedford Gear Division in Solon, Ohio, officials there realized they had a supply room challenge: The area was cluttered and office supplies were randomly placed throughout the room. There was no visual reference in the room, and it was very difficult for employees to determine normal supply levels versus replenishment needs.

Akro-Mils Louvered Panels and AkroBins® Storage Bins Save Time, Reduce Costs and Decrease Space Requirements

To solve that challenge, buyer Ann Svoboda worked with her Akro-Mils Distributor to determine the best products to improve the supply room setup.

Using louvered panels and AkroBins storage bins, Svoboda and her team transformed the supply room – organizing the room, restoring order, freeing up space and making supplies more easily accessible. This initiative saved Joy Mining time, money and square footage that could be put to better use.

Svoboda said the project went so well, the company is considering reorganizing a supply room in its facility in Brook Park, Ohio.
According to Ann, “Akro-Mils storage bins are wonderful for organizing anything” – and Akro-Mils products helped the company reach operational excellence, increasing their 6S audit score!