Akro-Tilt Tilt Trucks Reduce Costs and Improve Waste Disposal at Orange County Convention Center

Previous Tilt Trucks Lacked Durability, Performance Required to Support Over One Million Annual Visitors

The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC)  in Orlando, the second largest convention center in the U.S., was looking to make a change.

OCCC had been using tilt trucks for waste collection and disposal, but its workers noticed their current tilt trucks were not holding up in terms of durability and performance in daily use while supporting more than one million visitors annually.
The solution? Akro-Tilt tilt trucks from Akro-Mils! OCCC’s Grainger representative recommended Akro-Mils tilt trucks, because they are built with full welded, reinforced frames that are “more substantial” materials than competitive tilt trucks.

After purchasing the 50 Akro-Tilt tilt trucks, the convention center saw immediate results — including significant cost savings and improvements to its waste disposal process!