5 Items Which Require a Locking Cabinet

Nov 28, 2016

Why Is A Locking Cabinet Needed?

There are several reasons why being able to secure items you have stored is a good idea for most organizations. Here are the top five items you should store in a locking cabinet.

1. High Value Items

This is the most obvious of all reasons to use a locking cabinet. High priced and valuable small parts and other items can be secured in a locking cabinet. A full sized bin cabinet with louvered doors and adjustable shelves makes for a lower cost security solution versus a safe. Access to these items can be limited to only those with special permission versus having these high value items open to all and thus susceptible to possible theft or misuse. Taking this step often results in better inventory control and cost reductions.

2. High Pilferage Items

With many people in and out of storage areas, it can be difficult to protect against pilferage, but by storing items in a locking cabinet, you can greatly reduce your risk in this area. Items like small tools, gloves, batteries, and other standard supplies may not seem to be worth this extra level of attention, but over time the value associated with these smaller items can quickly add up. Work tables with lockable drawers and tool carts with lockable storage areas can support keeping the items needed to do a job with the people who need them most.

3. Medicine

It’s not uncommon to have standard first aid and medicines available on site for those that work in that location as well as special medicines for individual staff members such as personal medications, EpiPens®, and other unique medications. All medications should be secured in a locking cabinet and only accessed by those with training and approval. Small wall mounted steel cabinets are ideal for this type of need and can be secured with an electronic lock to allow for quick access without a key.

4. Sensitive Materials

Privacy protection and an individual’s right to restricting access to personal data is a part of our everyday life. Securing cell phones, wallets, medications, and other personal items can be handled with individual lockers or with a small locking cabinet for your office. This type of cabinet handles this need without much of the added complexity other solutions can involve.

5. Flammable and Combustible Materials

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that flammable and combustible material receive special storage. These items need to be stored in an approved cabinet that has met the required construction and test criteria. These cabinets are double walled and constructed to protect workers and their environment. Some of these steel storage cabinets offer self closing latches, which will shut the doors automatically in case of a fire.

For More Information on Locking Cabinets

Akro-Mils’ offers a complete portfolio of locking cabinets and products designed to provide additional security and protection for your workplace. Custom solutions are also available for any unique situations and applications you may have. Visit akro-mils.com/Products/Security or contact your Akro-Mils distributor to begin securing your most valuable assets today!

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Fred D.
Main reason needed..... is to help keep honest people honest. And to let employees understand the organization does care about pilferage - and will hold people accountable regarding it.
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