The storage on wheels solution you didn’t know was out there

Jun 12, 2019

Storage on Wheels

When you search the Internet for storage on wheels, a lot of products with varying form factors are listed. There are wire shelving units with wheels, cabinets with wheels, drawer carts with wheels and traditional metal utility carts.

While all these products provide storage on wheels, none do a very good job of organizing the items they are tasked with moving from one location to another. In Akro-Mils ProCart utility cart, you have found the material handling solution that does both.

ProCart Utility Carts Truly are Storage on Wheels

Unlike other storage on wheels products, Ako-Mils ProCart utility carts are engineered to adapt to all the ways - and all the places - you work. The ProCart utility cart easily maneuvers around tight corners and through narrow aisles, even when loaded to its 400lb maximum. Side gates on both the upper and lower shelves flip down to convert the ProCart utility cart from a box-top to a flat-top.

What separates the ProCart utility cart from traditional utility carts is the optional 9-rail hanging system below the top shelf. This system allows you to easily attach and access a wide variety of our AkroBins plastic storage bins. You can hang AkroBin plastic storage bins of different sizes and colors to organize items in the way that best suits your needs. And items can remain in the storage bins indefinitely. No need to remove them, return to a separate storage area, and retrieve the next time they are needed. ProCart utility carts truly are storage on wheels!

Not only can you hang our AkroBins plastic storage bins on our ProCart utility carts, but you can also place just about any of our Akro-Mils storage containers on the top or bottom shelf of the ProCart utility cart to provide more options for storage on wheels. Keep the top shelf open for items you use frequently or don’t need to be stored on the cart. The open top shelf also works well as a workspace and is great for tasks like order picking in distribution centers.

Will ProCart Utility Carts Withstand My Work Environment?

ProCart utility carts are made of high-density polyethylene to provide years of reliable storage on wheels, even in the toughest work environments. Panels are dent-resistant, rust proof and never need painting. The top and bottom shelves can each shelf hold 200lbs.

Utility Carts

For More Information on ProCart Utility Carts

The Akro-Mils ProCart utility cart is a versatile and rugged storage on wheels solution unlike any other product on the market. Once you use it, you will never use a traditional utility cart again! The ProCart utility cart is offered in two sizes: Small ProCart utility cart (30930) and Large ProCart utility cart (30936).

Need help determining the best ProCart utility cart for your needs? Contact us or your local Akro-Mils distributor.

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