6 Great Storage Ideas to Organize Craft Supplies

Jun 14, 2017

Akro-mils offers many storage products that are great for your craft room. Try these 6  ideas to organize your craft supplies, keep them visible, and away from curious kids and pets.
1. KeepBox & Hanging File KeepBox

KeepBoxes & Hanging File KeepBoxes are attached lid storage containers for larger craft supplies and filing. Use for yarn, wool, fabric, scrapbooking paper, soap or candy molds.

2. AkroBins & Shelf Bins

AkroBins & Shelf Bins are hanging stackable plastic storage bins for general storage of craft supplies and organizing them on shelves and table tops. Use for markers, crayons, rubber stamps, fabric paint, glue, airbrush food colors, and ribbon.

3. Storage Cases

Storage Cases are perfect for small craft items like beads, findings, buttons, pencils, crochet hooks, rubber bands, and embroidery floss. Sections seal tight when storage cases are closed to prevent items from mixing.

4. Portable Organizers

Portable Organizers have two separate areas to keep tools and like items for craft projects together. A carrying handle makes it easy to move. Use for knitting needles, rubber stamps, paper punches, batteries, essential oils, woodworking supplies.

5. Art Supply Box

The Art Supply Box is a handy storage container to keep you organized on the go. Use for glue guns, scissors, markers, pipe cleaners, paint brushes, tools, modeling clay, fabric paint, beading wire, play dough.

6. Plastic Storage Cabinets

Plastic Storage Cabinets are great storage option for your craft table or work bench. Use for glue sticks, thread spools, bobbins, embroidery floss, crystals, rhinestones, pins, wooden (popsicle) craft sticks­­.

Keeping craft supplies organized, visible and easy to find helps keep you from procrastinating on your on your craft projects. Storage options from Akro-Mils let you spend more time doing what you enjoy! Leave comments below to tell us the storage ideas you use to organize craft supplies.

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