Kanban Systems: 4 Distinct Ways to Help Manage Inventory Control

Jan 10, 2017

Simply put, Kanban systems provide visual notification when a particular action is required. In industry, Kanban systems are commonly used to manage process flow or inventory control. A Kanban system is an effective way to prevent stock-outs and improve efficiency. Like any process improvement, users must be trained and committed to make the Kanban system successful.

Here are different methods to create a Kanban system:

Two-Bin Kanban Systems

Two-bin Kanban sytems utilize two identical bins containing the same item — one placed in front of the other. When the bin in front is empty, it is removed and the second bin is pulled forward for use. The empty bin is placed in a restock pile or given to the materials manager for reordering. AkroBins or Shelf Bins from Akro-Mils are industry favorites for this type of Kanban system.

Single-Bin Kanban Systems

Akro-Mils’ Indicator Bin is a bi-color, single-bin Kanban system featuring a brightly colored trigger side. The bin has a hopper opening on both the front and back of the bin. A divider is placed in the bin to mark a minimum stock level for reorder. Once items are removed from the primary stock side of the bin, the Indicator Bin is flipped around to reveal the brightly colored trigger side. This is visual indication the bin needs to be refilled.

Side-by-Side Kanban Systems

Side-by-side Kanban sytems utilize a single bin with a divider running down the length. Users pick all inventory from one side and use a Kanban flag to indicate when the first side is empty. When that side is empty, they begin picking from the other side of the divider.

Kanban Flag

One of the simplest Kanban sytems utilize a label with an integrated Kanban flag installed on the storage bin. When stock reaches a predetermined level, the brightly colored Kanban flag is exposed as a visual indicator to replenish stock. The Kanban Extended Label Holder from Akro-Mils utilizes a large 2 ̋x4 ̋ label area and a bright orange Kanban flag.

For More Information on Kanban Systems

For addional information on Kanban systems, go to our Kanban information page. Contact your local Akro-Mils distributor if you would like help creating a Kanban system.

Have experience with using Kanban systems?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

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