How the 5S Lean Methodology Can Improve Your Workplace Efficiency

Jan 30, 2017

The 5S lean methodology is a trusted and highly-effective organizational tool for the modern, lean work environment!
By incorporating a 5S lean methodology in your facility with Akro-Mils products you can:

  • Improve workflow and productivity
  • Develop a cleaner, more efficient environment
  • Create extra workspace
  • Increase safety
  • Reduce wasted time and effort
  • Boost employee morale
  • Ensure improvements remain intact


Five Primary Steps in the 5S Lean Methodology

1. Sort: The first step in the 5S lean methodology is eliminating  unnecessary items that are not needed for the current workflow. This first step is crucial to reducing clutter, eliminating outdated or expired materials and supplies, and freeing up valuable real estate in your workspace. A key decision point in this step is determining which items stay and which items go. Unnecessary items are moved out of the workspace and either immediately disposed of or stored offsite until they can be dealt with later. Akro-Mils products designed to assist you in 5S lean Step 1 include Nest & Stack Totes, ProCart™, and Platform Trucks.

2. Set In Order: Frequently used workstation materials and tools should be arranged so that all needed items are readily accessible and easy to find. In this step, the workspace is reorganized and redefined for the most efficient use of space. All tools and supplies are labeled, organized, and a system is implemented to make sure they are always returned to their proper place. Akro-Mils products designed to assist you in Step 2: AkroBins®, Adhesive Labels and Card Stock Holders, and Louvered Hanging Systems.

3. Shine: When first implementing a 5S lean process, all work areas receive a thorough cleaning and inspection. A formal cleaning and maintenance schedule is then developed to prevent dirt from accumulating and keep equipment in proper working condition. Akro-Mils products designed to assist you in Step 3: Tote Caddies, Attached Lid Containers, and Locking Bin Cabinets.

4. Standardize: Benchmarking and evaluation tactics should be utilized in your 5S lean process to maintain a consistent approach for carrying out tasks and procedures. Standardizing the storage of supplies through color-coding is a great way to use easily recognizable visual indicators across an entire facility. Akro-Mils products designed to help you standardize your 5S process in Step 4: Indicator® Two-Tone Bins, Shelf Bins, or Super-Size AkroBins®.

5. Sustain: Continue to maintain efficient workflow and productivity with your 5S lean system! The best way to sustain a 5S process is through the education and empowerment of those using the system. Communicating the benefits of an ongoing 5S process will help to ensure that the 5S process continues to be followed and you don’t fall back into bad habits. Creating a checklist to make sure 5S procedures are being followed is a great way to create accountability and keep your 5S process going strong!

For More Information on the 5S Lean Methodology

Contact Akro-Mils or your local Akro-Mils distributor for more information on implementing a 5S lean methodology or go to Akro-Mils 5S lean online resources to help you start or maintain your 5S plan!

Have any good tips for using the 5S Lean process?  Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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