How a Color-Coded Bin Storage System Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Dec 12, 2016

A color-coded bin storage system is easy and can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Why Use a Color-Coded Bin Storage System?

Color-coded bin storage systems are used for a variety of reasons:

Quick identification of items
Color-coding gives an instant visual cue of where the item you need is likely to be located. An effective color-coded bin storage system will instantly help to reduce wasted efforts searching for the tools or supplies needed for the job.

Separating different types of supplies, inventory or tools
Color-coded bin storage systems can be used across a wide range of industries. They can help prevent cross-contamination in food-processing facilities or distinguish plumbing supplies from electrical supplies in an maintenance room. Hospitals use color-coded storage bins to identify everything from hazardous waste to various types of medication. Color-coding is an effective way of keeping like-items in close proximity without the fear of a mix-up.

color-coded storage bins keeping small parts organized in a garage

Designating zones within a facility
Creating color-code zones within a facility makes it easy to identify when a tool, a part, or piece of equipment is not where it should be. This can be particularly effective in facilities that need to make sure designated resources remain close to where they are needed for the job. If blue storage bins are only used in the maintenance room, it is easy to observe when a blue bin might be in the wrong place.

How to Implement a Color-Coded Bin Storage System

Color-coding is easy and can be done using a variety of methods. A color-coded bin storage system can be as simple as using different-colored storage bins to indicate the type of product stored in them. An alternate method commonly used in hospitals is to utilize all clear storage bins with color-coded bin labels.

medical supplies organized in clear bins with color-coded bin labels

A best-practice when implementing a color-coded system is to post color-code reference charts (such as Industrial or Healthcare Color-Code Charts created by Akro-Mils) so employees are reminded of each color’s meaning. Grouping storage bins of the same color is also recommended so users can limit the area they need to search.

Reaping the Benefits of a Color-Coded Bin Storage System

An effective color-coded bin storage system will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to locate supplies, freeing up more time to perform critical tasks and boosting efficiency. Color-coding also reduces confusion and takes the guesswork out of selecting the appropriate item or tool. Training of new employees is simplified and color-code reference charts serve as constant reminders. Another major benefit color-coding can have on your bottom line is a reduction of errors caused by selecting the wrong item for the job which can be extremely costly.

Akro-Mils’ has a wide variety of color options availble for our industry-leading AkroBins, Shelf Bins and a variety of other bins, storage totes and containers that can be used in your color-coding system.

For More Information on Color-Coded Bin Storage Systems

For additional information on color-coded bin storage systems, contact your local Akro-Mils distributor.

Let us know what you think about color-coded bin storage systems in the comments section below.

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