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Rotating system for efficient small parts storage. Holds up to 20 Akro-Mils 17" wide steel storage cabinets (sold separately) to store and organize small parts, tools and products.
Store and organize up to ½ ton. Access as many as 560 drawers in less than 3 square feet of floor space. Steel Cabinets may be used in any combination. Cabinets stack five high on the turntable base.

The complete Storage-Go-Round consists of: Turntable Base (98325) with inset stationary base, threaded rod, steel upright, metal cap, nut cap, washer, and wood stabilizing plate. Item does not include storage cabinets, which are sold separately.
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Product Specs

Model No. Description Size In. Accommodates Cab. Model No.
98325 Storage-Go-Round 31 x 31 (Swing diameter - 43-5/8) 19909, 19715, 19228, 19416, 19320

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